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History background

At the end of the 20th century, China's non-ferrous metals industry has developed from extensive development after reform and opening up to the advantage of concentrating domestic resources. The stage of becoming bigger and stronger, from the 14th Party Congress to the 16th Party Congress, China is building The basic framework of the socialist market economic system. During this period, China's non-ferrous metal state-owned enterprises experienced three years of reform and relief. For a time, private enterprises developed rapidly and became an important part of China's non-ferrous metal industry. Some companies in the fields of coal, electricity and textiles have begun to invest heavily in the non-ferrous metals industry. During this period, China's dominant metal industry management system has undergone major changes. In 1998, the State Nonferrous Metals Industry Bureau was established with the approval of the State Council. In 2000, the State Council decided to decentralize most central non-ferrous metal enterprises and institutions to local management; In April 2001, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association was formally established. In 2002, the output of ten non-ferrous metals in China reached 10.12 million tons, surpassing the United States for the first time in the world.

Brand birth

Mr. Feng Changgan, the founder of the company, found that the domestic non-ferrous metal industry is undergoing a process of integration and reshuffle after groping for decades in the non-ferrous metals industry, and the non-ferrous metal processing industry is catching up with the good period of reform and opening up. . However, the domestic metal processing industry is mixed, and the manufacturing level is also uneven. Not to mention the cooperation integrity and win-win development. The brand of China's electronic products has not yet awakened. In the international situation, affected by the European debt crisis and the impact of crude oil futures, the Chinese economy has accumulated a lot of money and has not been greatly affected.

Driven by all kinds of information, Mr. Feng Changgan has developed an idea to integrate domestic non-ferrous metal manufacturing and the corresponding national call to contribute to China's economic recovery and the revival of China's manufacturing. He is convinced that no matter what kind of industry is engaged in doing anything, it must be based on the integrity and integrity of personality. To be a century-old enterprise, it is necessary to establish a lofty ambition and strive for life. "Quality and Zhiyuan" is to be a man and a business. The root of the enterprise. "People" was born.