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Slow wire machine configuration

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Slow wire machine configuration

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The slow wire machine is a machine with a high degree of mechanical automation in CNC machine tools.

main body

1. The fuselage guide rail is made of high hardness and wear-resistant material. It is injected with manual hydraulic oil. It is shunted to each guide rail through various oil pipes to achieve lubrication and reduce the friction coefficient. There are 2 shafts per shaft. Some machine tools use gas static pressure guide rails. The friction coefficient of this guide is close to zero.

2. The screw rod adopts the spiral displacement, and the displacement of the screw rod is determined by the servo motor rotation speed. At present, the manual single step minimum movement amount is 0.001MM, the screw rod length determines the movable range of the machine tool, and the screw gap can be measured and utilized. The corrections in the parameters are corrected and each screw forms an axis.

3. Servo motor (three-phase motor) The servo motor speed is determined by the voltage level selected by the main board in the servo box. The motor step distance is a minimum displacement equivalent of 0.0001MM, which is available on all axes.

4. Limit switch (closed switch) The limit switch is set at the left and right ends of the screw displacement range, and the actual movement range of the screw. When the machine tool moves to the limit switch, the electrical signal is input to the main board, and the main board outputs an electric signal to stop the servo motor. There are two axes.

5. Deceleration switch (closed switch) The setting of the closing switch is not in the limit switch. When the screw rod displacement is to the limit deceleration switch, the electric signal is input to the main board, and the main board output electric signal reduces the servo motor speed. Each axis has 2 One.

6. Servo box The integrated circuit that receives the output electrical signal and controls the power supply has a central processing unit. Kunshan slow wire

7. Display Common tube, liquid crystal display, to touch screen, is the output display, input signal integrated panel.

8. Hand controller Integrates commonly used functions on a small-area handle for user's operation and input function.


The slow wire has a water circulation system for purifying water and deionizing to achieve the reworking of the working fluid.

1. Water tank The working place of the working fluid has a sewage tank and a pure water tank.

2. The pump sewage pump draws the sewage out into the filter. The ion pump injects the filtered water into the resin barrel to deionize. The water injection pump quickly injects the working fluid into the working tank to achieve the purpose of water immersion processing. The high pressure pump introduces pure water with high power. The upper and lower heads use high-pressure jets to remove the electric frit produced during the work and the threading of the threading wheel. The water path layout of various machine tools is different, but the principle is the same.

3. Three-way valve Its purpose is to separate the water flow to achieve different functions, which are converted by air.

4. Position sensor (closed switch) The position sensing on the three-way valve displays the position information on the screen after inputting an electrical signal through the main board.

5. Water level sensor One of the pure water tanks of the sewage tank, the water level is sensed to determine whether each pump can work. When the water level is lower than the water level, the input electric signal is processed by the main board and the electric signal is output to stop the relevant pump operation.

6. Cotton core The purified water is used to rinse the conductive blocks.

7. Filter Filter the metal powder in the sewage.

8. Water pressure sensor The water pressure sensor on the cotton core is used to determine whether the water pump can be filled with water and has overpressure protection.

9. Ion sensor Resistivity measurement, measuring the ion value flowing into the resin barrel.

10. Resin barrel A container for storing resin. The resin is an extract from petroleum and used for deionization.

Gas line

The air pressure supply system realizes the air supply of the required part through the switching valve. The supply hardware has a three-way valve, an automatic threading system, cylinders of various parts, etc., and the electric switch is used to realize the air flow conversion.

1. Air pressure sensor When the supply air pressure is less than the preset value, the input electric signal stops the hardware operation.

2. Air circuit switching valve The total system of supply of each gas path is distinguished by a short identification by an integrated method.

3. Electrical switch The electrical system of each port of the gas valve, input voltage to make the valve open, stop the input, the valve is closed.


The circuit described here refers to the power supply line during processing.

1. Touching the number line The touch number line is connected to the conductive block of the head and the worktable. When the wire is discharged, the electrode wire forms a short circuit when it contacts the work object clamped on the workbench.

2. High-voltage line The negative line of the input current is processed, and the upper and lower heads are connected, and the gap between the negative current and the working object is discharged in the state of the wire discharge.

3. Countertop line The positive line of the input current is processed and connected to the workbench.

4. Circuit line Connect the left and right ends of the workbench to increase the current circuit. Some machine tools have been omitted to improve this line.

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