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Anhui Pinzhi Alloy New Material Co., Ltd. was held in Anhui Ningguo Xuancheng

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Anhui Pinzhi Alloy New Material Co., Ltd. was held in Anhui Ningguo Xuancheng

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On September 6, 2017, at 8:08 am, Ningguo Xuancheng Development Zone was interrupted by a burst of lively firecrackers. At this time, Anhui Pinzhi Alloy New Material Co., Ltd. (referred to as Anhui Pinzhi), a new factory invested by Kunshan Pinzhi Metal Materials Co., Ltd., officially started! This is also the third new processing plant invested by Pinzhi in the past five years!

The melting workshop has been fully prepared before this moment. In the lively firecrackers, the hot rolling smelting furnace fluid has already boiled and cast the first busbar that the company started. The preparation work of the finished workshop was also completed ahead of schedule, and the various materials were placed in an orderly manner. The workshop was arranged in strict accordance with the 6S management. The maintenance and repair work of the auxiliary equipment was put in place as early as ten days ago!

As an important part of the strategic development plan of Pinzhi Company, Anhui Pinzhi will take the transformation of traditional metal processing and manufacturing as its mission, inject new technology research and development strength, and strive to create a new type of intelligent modeling integrating advanced manufacturing, information and intelligence. Enterprises, faster and more accurate service clients, create value for customers, and contribute to the upgrading and upgrading of national industrial development. Slow wire manufacturer

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